Learning to teach yourself photography can be really fun, but also really frustrating when you don’t know what it is you need to learn or where to go for guidance.

When my DSLR arrived at the front door I was so excited. I opened the box and looked down at the pieces of my new camera. I put the battery in, attached the kit lens, and turned it on.

And then I put it back in its box. I had no idea how to use that thing.

The first time I took photos I was annoyed because my iPhone could literally take better photos than my new camera & I.

Teach Yourself Photography: Where to start?

People say the fancy camera doesn’t make a good photographer. They’re right.

The biggest problem I faced in the beginning was that I had no idea where to start. I knew I wanted to teach myself photography but I had no guidance. It’s hard to teach yourself something when you don’t know what you don’t know.

Thankfully, there are a million ways to teach yourself photography. I know there are people who are naturally born with an ‘eye’ for photography, but I sincerely believe if you put your mind to it, a photographer’s eye can be developed.

12 steps to self taught photography ebook

I created a FREE Ebook to share with you because I’m hoping it will help give newer photographers a place to start. You can sign up for it HERE. A link will be delivered straight to your inbox.

What’s included in the Ebook?

  • Guidance on where to start
  • Tips & resources for learning the basics of your camera
  • The best way to facilitate practice photo sessions & big mistakes to avoid
  • How to use Pinterest to boost your creativity
  • Where to find FREE photography education
  • How to find the inspiration around you