I almost let 2016 slip away without writing about November or December. When I start getting behind I worry about how I’ll fit everything in and then I end up putting it off longer & longer. November and December have been such fun months for our family. So many highlights and fun things happened.

Caleb’s work is going great. He’s moving into his next part of training, which will be a transition into new hours. This will be a good and hard transition for us as a family…night shift hours aren’t fun and I don’t know how I feel about them, but we are really looking forward to more days off in a row together.

My exciting news of November is that my childhood dream of getting a horse came true! My sweet friend Briana found the perfect rescue horse in need of a home & she and I drove several hours to get him. It was a whirlwind of a weekend. He’s so sweet and it’s been a blast getting to know him.

As far as the pregnancy…I started feeling the baby move a few weeks ago! I was walking in the grocery store and started feeling little flutters. So there I was, crying in the isle. I literally cannot stop crying. Ever. I’m a crier normally, but holy cow. I fail at bump pictures. Ive taken one so far. I’ll make that a new years resolution 😉 As of today I am 22 weeks. We have his anatomy scan next week.

Before we moved here I did not even know what cold was. This winter is out of control. Did you know scarves actually have a purpose other than for fashion? You should see these Phoenicians trying to brave the cold and snow. What even is -5 degrees?

(PC: Briana Shea)

Christmas weekend was busy and fun. We spent Christmas Eve building a lean-to for Fawkes. Christmas morning was spent with the martin clan and Christmas night was spent with my mom and dad up at the property. I failed at pictures on Christmas also, but we did take a few family pictures when all of the Martin family was in town earlier this month:

Last but not least, the cottage is so so SO close to being finished. We should be able to move in over the next few days! We have a lot of work with cleaning up from all of the construction & making it move in ready, but we are so excited 🙂