March was full. It was full of family and friends and travel. At the very end of February my aunt came and visited Spokane. We had lots of family dinners and it was so much fun to catch up & show her our home here.

A week after she headed home, Josh (my brother) arrived from Hawaii. I cant believe we hadn’t seen each other for an entire year. It was so fun to hear about his life in Hawaii & finally talk to him in person and not just over the phone.

Josh moved to Hawaii last year. He quit his job in Phoenix and decided to pursue his dream instead. Right now he works with a dolphin tour company as a photographer / media manager. He gets to swim with dolphins everyday & surf & run & hike & do all the fun things 😉

Im pretty sure he thought we were cra-zy with our chickens and dogs and horse and slow, quiet life here.

Its funny, how two people can grow up exactly the same & come out with two completely different versions of what their dream lives look like.

We had fun showing Josh around & taking him hiking. The weather was kind of bad, but we hiked on the sunny days & he and my parents snowboarded on the snowy days.

A week after he left, I flew down to Arizona for a wedding. It was SO nice to be back. I think I really needed the sunshine & the time with friends. I got to spend so much time with so many people, it was great.

While I was there I got to celebrate love and joy & new life with my very best friends & I also had the unexpected sorrow of grieving with friends who are family. I came away feeling so grateful for that place and those people. So thankful for a community who shares their joy & the best parts of life with me as well as giving me the honor of entering into their hurt & pain. Its easy to share the good parts of life. Its not so easy to share the bad, to be broken and vulnerable. There is something about sharing & entering into brokenness that makes God so big. The hard questions are asked & felt. It becomes so obvious how big He is and how great our need for Him is. It causes a raw, and honestly, a painful, reliance on trusting He is who He says He is.

The day before I left, the Walworth girls threw me the most beautiful baby shower. It was perfect. Hannah had called me months ago asking if they could do a baby shower & they went above and beyond. They sent out the cutest invitations, used the most adorable decorations, & had custom cookies baked. Mrs. Walworth shared a really special devotion and she and Hannah both prayed over me with words I won’t forget. Friends and family who I’ve known for years and years came to celebrate & they all made me feel so special. It was a perfect day 🙂