I was visitng with my midwife a few weeks ago. She just finished building a tiny house and moved into it a few weeks before we moved into our cottage. She said that everyone was asking to see photos of her finished home but that something in her was hesitant to share. It was so special that she was feeling very private about it. I can completely relate. I couldnt wait to share photos of the cottage but once we were in, I wanted to just hide away here and never leave. Im not a private person really…an introvert, yes, but not usually unwilling to share. But this home is just so special and so perfect. And Im enjoying savoring these last weeks with just Caleb and I. It’s all so special.

That to say, I’m going to try so hard to stay on top of blogging and I’ll post the photos of our finished kitchen really soon 🙂

Winter is horribly long here. It started snowing at the beginning of November and it just recently started melting away. Its getting warm enough that the fresh snow isn’t sticking. Gotta love that fresh March snow.

Our road is really long, its over half a mile. Every time it snows, it has to be plowed.

The dogs love being up here. We go on long walks almost everyday and they have so much fun running and chasing the turkeys.

Fawkes comes on walks with us too, when it isn’t too icey.

We’re really enjoying all of the nature & the animals here. Although some of the animals are not so enjoyable.

We see mama moose and baby moose behind the cottage. Fawkes gets really wound up & i can always tell when an animal is around because he gets so mad. Did you know moose are considered more dangerous than bears?


A few nights ago there were several coyotes sizing up Fawkes and going into his pen. But i think he is way too big for them, he’s pretty mean and powerful when he wants to be, so i’m not too worried. When they’re up behind our mountain howling and celebrating, they sound so cool. The night will be so quiet and then they start singing and it really is fun to hear.

The neighbors say there’s a Cougar around but i haven’t seen him yet. I would be fine never seeing him though.

So basically our son will be completely safe here on the property and i dont have to worry about anything…. 😉

Caleb’s work is going great. He has 3 months of training left. My work is also going good. I think I’ve learned some pretty valuable parenting tips from working in the ped’s ED these last few months. For instance: if your kid gets a tick on them, just pick it off at home. If your kid has a breakdown because their favorite condiment is unavailable, it probably isn’t indicative of a mental illness. Additionally, if your child had a fever two days ago but is now completely 100% normal, she probably doesn’t need to go to the ER.

It’s been interesting having exposure to a broader patient population. I miss my heart kids every single day that I go to work, but I know God has me here for a reason. I joke, but I really am learning a lot of things that are going to come in handy with our boy. I think it’s going to make me a much more confident mom & (hopefully) I wont be taking our kids into the hospital for ticks or tantrums…

All in all, January and February were really peaceful, restful, fun months of time spent together enjoying our new home. They were filled with long walks and sunrises. Snow and mud. Family dinners. And lots of dreaming about our fast approaching baby 🙂

I can’t wait to spend every day here with Caleb & our boy & hopefully a lot more future mini Martins.