I had the idea a few weeks ago to ask my friend Corina if I could take pictures of her so that I could practice with my camera. After I posted one of her pictures on social media, I asked if anyone else would consider letting me practice my photography on them in exchange for some free photos…which may or may not turn out ok 😉

The response was really fun! I immediately had the whole month filled up with photo shoots. If you’re following along and learning photography with me, I highly suggest doing this. It’s SO fun and really really helps you learn.

This past week I did a photo shoot with my friend Kort. I wanted to practice taking photos through a window, work on my lighting, and try to achieve a few shots with Bokeh (I’ll explain later, cuz yeah…what the heck?). We decided to meet at a coffee shop. She was such a trooper letting me take pictures of her in front of a bunch of coffee drinking hipsters 😀


window shot







So. Bokeh.

Miz Booshay defines it as, “The wonderful out-of-focus light and shapes and colors you find in the background of many photos…It’s created by light and glass (in your lens) and distance and wind and focus.”

Basically it’s the out of focus/blurred areas in photos. The pretty circular lights in the above picture…that’s Bokeh.

How to Achieve Bokeh

Low Aperture (The pros suggest f/1.8-f/2.8 – i’m not gonna lie though, I used f/3.5 and it still worked)

A Focal Point – Focus on something up close that is separated from your background

Miz Booshay’s post on PW, of course, is awesome: Bokeh

Live, Snap, Love also had a REALLY helpful post: A Little Bokeh Tutorial