Christmas was spent with our Spanish family. Carlos and Soraya came from Germany on Christmas Eve and spent the weekend with us. We enjoyed every second of their visit 🙂

On Christmas Eve we went to church, visited dad at the fire station, and ate mexican food with C & S and Josh & Kee. On Christmas morning we had a big breakfast, went for a walk in the desert, and opened presents. Grandma and Grandpa came for steak dinner and we finished the night off with some Little House and the Prairie 😉

In true Arizona Christmas fashion, we went shooting on Sunday. Soraya says shooting is the most exciting thing she’s ever done.

I don’t recommend ever breaking into any of our homes. There are more guns than people.

What is RAW?

Shooting in RAW is really great. For a few months I was intimidated to shoot in RAW because I thought I would need to teach myself tricks to it. I don’t know why I thought that, I just didn’t understand what it was and I was overwhelmed with looking into something else when I was already learning so much about my camera.

A friend explained it to me:

“When you shoot in raw, it captures EVERY bit of color, light etc that is available to you in that image. JPEG guesses at what it thinks the most important information is. So there are limited things you can do with the image (although still a lot) in comparison to raw. With that said, raw is valuable if you use a post software to alter your images.”

How to Shoot in RAW

Stop what you’re doing right now. Google how to change your camera settings to RAW. You literally don’t have to learn anything other than that. You take your pictures like normal, but when you go to edit you can save pictures that would have been unusable. It also helps a lot when you aren’t shooting during the ‘golden hour.’ Most of these were taken mid-day in full sun.

Here’s what the picture looked like and what shooting in RAW allowed me to do with the image’s colors.

un edit-1

Carlos 3-1

RAW images are way bigger than jpeg. images so you need to watch the memory on your card or have an extra one on hand. You also don’t want to save 50 thousand RAW images to your computer or it will remind you a lot of dial-up internet 😉

Carlos and Soraya

Carlos 5-1

Carlos 3-5

Carlos 7-1

Carlos 3-2

Carlos 3-7

Carlos 3-9

Carlos 6-1

Carlos 3-12

Carlos 3-1