Last week I had a really fun practice shoot with four of the sweetest sisters. I used to babysit the oldest two and it was great to see them again and spend time with all four girls. It was fun to see their personalities and watch them interact:)

Editing Process

With this photoshoot, I learned a lot during the editing process. I started to use my VSCO filters in lightroom like I usually do, but they were messing up the colors and really taking away from them. I took a step back and decided to do all of the editing ‘free-hand.’


For the sunny photos like the one below, I referenced two different tutorials. One by Lisa Holloway  “How to Shoot Dreamy Backlit Photos with Natural Light” and another from Lightroom Zen, “Using Tone Curves to Create a Fairy Tale Image.”

Lindsay1-31 copy

I also used the Split Toning tool for the first time. I referenced this post by Megan Curren, “How to Use the Split Tone Tool in Lightroom.”

If you’re teaching yourself how to use Lightroom, these 3 tutorials are awesome.

Lindsay4-1 copy

Lindsay1-7 copy

Lindsay1-6 copy


Lindsay1-29 copy

Lindsay1-28 copy


Lindsay1-15 copy

Lindsay1-18 copy

lindsay65-1 copy


Lindsay1-14 copy

Lindsay1-19 copy

I’m trying to find the right balance between taking charge of a photo shoot and sitting back and letting things happen. The youngest said she wanted her pictures on a picnic table. I was thinking that was probably not the greatest location for sweet family photos, but oh my goodness…they turned out to be some of my favorites! I’m so glad I let her pick, I would never have thought to have her hop up there!

Lindsay1-21 copy

lindsay61-1 copy

Lindsay1-24 copy

Lindsay1-2 copy