The last two weeks in the cottage have been amazing. Its been so fun unpacking and finding everything it’s place. It’s also been nice to start making new routines. I think the best part is waking up to the pretty sunrises every morning.

Our Spanish family came and visited earlier this week also & we had so much fun with them. We had a lot of relaxing and laugh-filled dinners together. We were sad to see them go home but we are so thankful for our friendship with them.

I start everyday by feeding Fawkes and spending some time with him outside. Fawkes enjoys long talks, watching the sunrise with me, and cuddling my face. I’m in horse heaven because he’s a gigantic sweetie. He likes the red and white mints, apples, and carrots. He’s learning his name & sometimes comes when I call him. Sometimes he’s sassy and just looks at me like, ‘Nah bro, I’m good…”

He seems a lot more comfortable here now & its fun to watch him be energetic and run around. He really likes getting out of his corral and going down to the pasture. He comes back on his own at dinner time. I think we have an understanding that I am 5 months pregnant and I can’t chase a horse around 40 acres of snow. I’m already shoveling his frozen poo into wheelbarrows every week…so, I think he’s grateful.

I’m really excited for this summer when we can go on trail rides and have adventures together.

Now that we’re all moved in I’m getting really excited to start decorating the baby’s room. Pinterest is my best friend & I’ve been having fun creating boards full of inspiration. I’d like to make his room have an Arizona theme. He should know about the homeland 😉 Plus, I miss the hot desert right now in these negative degrees.

Tonight, as I was walking on the treadmill, googling the nearest Carls Jr (truth), I was thinking about what an adventure pregnancy is. I am incredibly curious as to how women’s bodies recover from being pregnant. Cuz, wow.

Pregnancy has been a mix of ‘Wow this is the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced’ & ‘Wow, this hurts.’ I believe I have a mild case of SPD. My pelvis and back bones really hurt & they get out of place really easily. Morning sickness was still the worst part so far though.

I think my favorite parts have been the ultrasound where I could see his little hand waving, when I started feeling him move, and when Caleb felt him move for the first time. There is just nothing in the entire world like feeling him move around. I am so thankful that God is giving me this incredible experience. I can’t wait to meet him and be his momma.