This month we found out our baby is a boy! I think I’ve cried (happily) every 30 minutes since we found out. I am having my own little martin boy. What?!

I was so surprised because I really thought he was a girl 😀 My first thought was how excited Caleb would be. And my second thought was that I hope God gives him common sense or a sister because there are way too many ways he can get hurt on our property…

I cant help but get teary when I think about what an honor and privilege it is that God is entrusting us to raise this little person. Someone’s best friend, someone’s future husband, hopefully someones future dad. It’s so exciting to see how God is growing our family and I just cant wait to meet him.

We have a possible name picked out but we’re going to keep it a surprise until he’s born.

Also, a couple things you should know. Everyone on instagram dresses their babies, regardless of their gender, in bonnets. It’s weird. I will not be dressing our boy creature in a bonnet.  I also wont post pictures of my bare tum. Lastly, if you’re wondering, the comment, “You don’t even look pregnant…you just look like you’ve eaten a few too many Twinkies” is not appropriate. Pregnant mammas would rather look pregnant. Twinkies and babies are two very different weight gains 😉