After a week of cleaning and moving, we are finally officially moved in the cottage. This beautiful little cottage that we’ve spent months building.

On Friday night and Saturday we spent hours cleaning up from all of the construction. There was probably an inch thick layer of sawdust covering the floors, nails, drywall debris, trash etc. There was cardboard taped to all of the floors & plastic on all of the windows.

We attacked it with a broom and shop vac (three times) & then i used a house vacuum & mopped while Caleb wiped dust out of every nook and crany. I think we’ll probably be cleaning up sawdust for the next 5 years.

On Saturday we moved the majority of our boxes, a table, and two recliners into the downstairs bedroom.

On Monday and Tuesday I tackled unpacking & more cleaning & grocery shopping. Stocking an entire kitchen is serious business.

And yesterday was finally the day. We moved our last few belongings into the cottage & drove the dogs over & we were finally in!

Our first night was so much fun, with a little mix of my crazy. I think I was at my moving limit by the time we finally got the dogs over here & I had a slight meltdown that I couldn’t find the shower curtain rings (Caleb’s mom to the rescue). But after the shower curtain crisis all was well 😉

I was looking at the ceiling while I was laying in bed and I seriously cant believe that just a few months ago I was laying on the floor of the just framed loft looking at the sky.

This morning I jumped up & ran downstairs to watch the sunrise. And I walked 15 steps out the back door to feed the horse. I made tea & I had a quiet time & it was an insane beautiful morning.

I’m sitting in my recliner, feeling the baby kick, watching the sun go down against the mountains.


Every piece of this house is so special and every part has a memory. From the creak in the floor board of the loft that dad and I built together to the foundation that Caleb and I spent weeks painstakingly building forms for. Every part of the cottage was planned out so specifically & so carefully & so many summer nights were spent outside building it.

spokane photographer

I think most days of working on it I was so tired I couldn’t decide if I wanted to cry, eat, or sleep. For months we were out in the dirt from morning till sundown.

So many hours & so many people helped us bring this house to life. Workers who were building my mom and dad’s house would walk over and give encouragement and pointers to us. Several of them really took Caleb under their wing and helped us, free of charge, just to teach Caleb how to do different things. One in particular, our excavater, ended up not even charging us for most of the work we hired him for.

Calebs brother flew in from Arizona and helped frame the walls. Noah was there almost everyday offering to help. Caleb’s dad was always willing to lend a hand. Caleb’s mom and dad let us live with them & provided so much for us this entire time, which enabled us to put extra money into building and live just 5 minutes from the site.

Mom provided countless lunches & dinners & would run to Home Depot at the drop of a hat when we needed extra supplies. She was always available to help with the construction or do whatever needed being done.

And my dad, some days he worked more than we even did. He was up every morning before we got there, rolling out the tools, starting projects. He helped Caleb with everything I couldn’t. When Caleb started his job, dad was there every day to do whatever instructions Caleb had left for us. When I got too sick with morning sickness, dad dealt with all of the outsourced work. He made calls & met with workers & helped make decisions & made sure everything got done right.

Our family and our friends gave us such an incredible & sacrificial gift of their time & skills & we are in awe of the family God has given us.

Here are some phone pictures of the cottage right before we started bringing in boxes 🙂

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