Better late than never I guess. This post is all about my pregnancy, so if you’re into pregnancy updates, keep reading 🙂

Baby boy is 32 weeks. I cant believe there are only two more months until we get to meet our boy. It is blowing my mind.

He moves SO much & feels so big in there. It’s crazy to me that i’ve taken care of babies his age in the NICU. When he moves around my entire tummy moves. It’s pretty much the creepiest thing I have ever seen 😀

This pregnancy has been physically draining. Going through morning sickness twice in the span of one year, from the miscarriage and then from this pregnancy, was pretty discouraging. After week 15 with this pregnancy I had about two weeks of really feeling 100% & then i started having hip and back issues, which just keep getting worse as i get farther along. People aren’t kidding. Growing a baby is hard work.

I feel like everything has run together since week 20 & it’s kind of a blur. I’m mostly just growing bigger 😀 I’m still wearing my normal clothes though, which is easy when your normal clothes are sweatpants and old t-shirts from highschool 😉 I don’t crave very many foods, but I am obsessed with Costco hot dogs & their frozen coffee drink.

Baby’s nursery is almost finished and I’ve had way too much fun building things and decorating.

[Side Note: I am DYING to tell everyone his name and can’t wait to stop calling him “baby.”]

Caleb put his crib together a few weeks ago.

My Dad has helped me build a bunch of shelves and even a wooden baby gym that is adorable.

My florist friend, Erica, from Mimosa Floral Designs, made this beautiful wreath for above baby’s crib. I love it so much & I’m so excited to have so many special and unique items filling up his room.

Another friend from high school made this Arizona plaque & sent it to me. I’m excited to finish his nursery and share all of it.

All of my prenatal appointments have been pretty uneventful, thankfully. Because I am a high maintenance nurse, I asked the doctor if he would order a fetal echo. Baby’s heart is completely healthy <3

I’m seeing an OB & a midwife, and I definitely love the midwifery model of care much better. In the beginning I was seeing the OB and midwife equally, but the last several weeks I’ve been seeing my midwife for all of my appointments. It’s so fun going to her tiny house (it’s legit a tiny house, i’m not being rude;) and sitting on her couch for our hour (or longer) appointments. I’m so excited to have her be a part of baby’s birth.

It’s been interesting navigating through this pregnancy and learning all about the different tests and procedures & deciding what is right for our family. My favorite resources so far have been a podcast called The Birth Hour (birth stories from women all over the world), Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (Oh em gee, it is so crunchy & sassy, but I still really like it). I’ve also referenced the website Evidence Based Birth a lot to help make decisions about different things.

&& this is me & bump at 31 weeks 🙂