I am a lifestyle photographer in Spokane Washington & Northern Idaho. Taking pictures of people doing what they love and creating images that tell stories is what excites me most about photography. Candid moments are my favorite – I try to catch as many as I can. My images often revolve around light. You can view my portfolio on the Photography Portfolio Page

I believe in loving life despite the mess and imperfection. I believe in creativity and making things by hand. I believe in baby animals. I believe in striving to make what you have beautiful. I believe in farmer’s markets, fresh farm eggs, and wildflowers. I believe in running until your lungs burn. I believe that people can be deeply grieving, yet have abundant joy. I believe in family. I believe in home. I believe in black and white photographs. I shy away from crowds, but believe in community. I believe in fiery sunsets. I believe in slow living. I believe in pursuing dreams.

As a photographer, I love capturing the big adventures as well as the small everyday moments. You can read more about the photography sessions I offer on the Session Info Page. Please feel free to contact me at jessie@jessiemartinphotography.com, 602.809.4715, or the Contact Page. 

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It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all


My husband and I have been friends since we were kids and got married when we were 20 & 21. We like to dance in our kitchen & chase our dreams. One of which was to own land to raise a family on. We decided to pursue this dream and recently moved to Eastern Washington. We’re keeping busy as we start our new lives and (literally) build our home from scratch.

Home is where I’m happiest. I definitely don’t have wanderlust, but whimsy is one of my favorite words. I love family dinners, sunny days, and spending time outside. Nothing clears my head more than running the trails near our home. Being a photographer gives me the chance to slow down & really see. Photography challenges me to see the details and beauty even in the mundane.

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I am also a pediatric critical care nurse. I spent three years working on a cardiac ICU in Arizona and now work at a local hospital near our home. It’s a rush and I love those kids. I’m continually being humbled & challenged. Working with broken hearts has influenced my life, and consequently my photography, in immeasurable ways.

Taking a good picture is exciting to me, but the part I love the most is the people I get to meet. I want to know your story, who you are, and what you love. What do your everyday moments look like? What are you celebrating and what do you never want to forget? I love taking pictures & I would love to take yours.

Please feel free to contact me at jessie@jessiemartinphotography.com, 602.809.4715, or via the Contact Page.